Company Brief



Geovenor is a company founded in 1978, whose business is focused primarily in the field of soil mechanics. With over 40 years of experience in Chile and abroad, has been participating in most of the big investment projects developed in the country.


The main services provided by Geovenor are: (Brochure)

  • Geotechnical Studies
  • Geotechnical Prospecting, Off Shore & On Shore Borings ( HQ3, Geobor & others). Optional with PVC liner & cementation.
  • Off Shore & On Shore In-Situ tests ( SPT, SPT-T, instrumented SPT, CPTu, SCPT Seismic, Presurometer, PS-Suspension, Permeability and others )
  • Soil & Rock laboratory tests
  • Load tests up to 1400 Ton ( Axial, Lateral, Statics & Dynamics )
  • Piles Instrumentation ( PDA, PIT & Cross Hole )
  • SPT Test Energy Measurement with AW o BW rods
  • Technical Advice, In-Situ Technical Supervision & Inspection during the Construction Stage
  • Seismic Wave Determination by SCPT or PS-Suspension tests

Geovenor advises the most prestigious geotechnical engineering companies in Chile, participating in the differents stages of the projects, from concept to technical support in the construction phase.


The expert professional group, composed by civil engineers and technical experts in field and laboratory measurements, plus the best tools and last generation equipments have resulted in excellence in the work, which have been recognized along the company life.